Welcome to 'A Voyage of Self Discovery - A Course in Spiritual Psychology'

I would like to welcome you to a new program that I call “A Voyage of Self Discovery”. My name is Mark Raymond and I am 58 years old and lived in England all my life. I’ve had a difficult past and I found a way to overcome the gripping memories and anguish that they caused me. It’s a complete paradigm shift and I would like to share this method with you.

The spiritual psychology that I offer my students at the beginning of their spiritual journey enables them to better understand their own beliefs. Empowering the student to work through that confusion by allowing them to explore their spiritual side and work towards discovering their True Self. Consider the possibility of mastering a few simple concepts that will serve as reminders that you can apply to any daily occurrence. It can be understood from a psychological, spiritual or religious perspective, it could be explained as a holistic mind training course which will change your life. I have successfully taught this mindset to others; it has changed their lives as it did mine. I am offering it to you now….

However, most people just want a peaceful and happy life. My service also includes spiritual counselling/therapy which entails helping people to detach from painful memories, past and present. I work on a one to one basis, helping my clients discover and heal the thoughts and emotional attachments which are having a detrimental effect on their lives and others. Once you heal an attachment it is gone forever!

“No problem can be solved from the same level of Consciousness that created it”. -Albert Einstein