Mark Raymond. U.K.

"To help familiarise yourself with me and the people I have helped along the way, here is a bit of background about me" 

I have been married to my soulmate for 33 years - I cherish all that she has done for me! My family consists of two beautiful daughters, a laid-back son and two wonderful grandchildren. They bring me such joy and I love them with all my heart. I am thankful for their unconditional love, understanding and support.

I have lived a large portion of my life with a deep sense of sadness and loneliness accompanied by an underlying current of emptiness. I can attribute my unhappiness to a traumatic event that I suffered as a child. This led to decades of alcohol and drug abuse, gambling and violence. By the time I was 18, I was drinking heavily and getting into street fights. Unfortunately, I saw my only options as “fight or flight” and I always chose to fight. It comes as no surprise that I had many run-ins with the police! 

In 2000, I had an accident at work which resulted in a Head injury. I was awarded a large compensation which I thought would solve all my problems. How wrong could I be! With a lot of money in hand, my addictions escalated to the point of nearly killing me. Seven years ago, my life turned around when I had a “make or break” moment. I was at an all-time low and my wife was extremely concerned for me. She gave me the name of a contact who would later become my Narcotics Anonymous (N/A) sponsor. This man is the humblest person I have ever known. Without his kindness, care and sage advice, I most certainly would not be alive today. I love this man with all my heart, and I am eternally grateful for his guidance which initiated my spiritual journey.

I participated in the N/A program for 1.5 years but struggled desperately with the meetings because they inadvertently brought up childhood traumas of mine. I sought counselling and a doctor diagnosed me with post-traumatic stress disorder. Now diagnosed but without the help of the meetings, I became increasingly angry, not knowing what to do with all the pent-up emotions that I use to suppress with drink and drugs.

About this time, a family member gave me a book called A Course in Miracles and it deeply touched my soul. Shortly afterwards I came across the mentor and spiritual teacher who would set me straight on the path that I continue to walk to this day.

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear;

when the student is truly ready, the teacher will disappear”

-Lao Tzu

Because this information made so much sense to me, I devoted seven hours a day for the next three years to study it. It is so practical because you can see immediate benefits with the application of these empowerment tools. Now I help people from all walks of life around the world. These tools are universal, so it makes no difference what, if any, religious traditions are already in place. A small amount of intellectual learning comes first followed by a profound unmasking of the many ego defence and coping mechanisms that are unconscious to us. I help to make the unconscious conscious. Then you have the means to face past trauma, painful emotional attachments, addictions and more. Once your acute symptoms are relieved, you feel empowered to go out into the world and use this information in your daily life. Students who wish to deepen their connection can learn the more advanced language of metaphysics. All roads point in the direction of discovering your True Self.

The lessons that I teach are simple but not easy. I offer a down to earth approach for those who seek Peace, Joy, Love and Bliss. I hope to meet you one day to share what has worked for me - I am confident that it can do the same for you.

I do not have a diploma or degree but; I have a PhD in life experiences.

 Please find my most recent testimonials below;

~Tomo Aoshima Williams, MA. BFRP Non-Dual Therapist/ Art Psychotherapist/Bach Flower Remedies Practitioner. Hong Kong.

The spiritual psychology that Mark teaches can provide a structured framework that helps one to heal the feelings and thoughts that are causing our suffering. The practical mindset he teaches empowers us to let go of our emotional attachments and brings power back to ourselves. The application of those tools can bring noticeable changes into ones inner-environment and consequently to our situations and relationships. For those who are at the beginning of their healing journey, one can benefit from having a structured teaching under the supervision of a qualified facilitator.

Mark is a living example of how effective this teaching can be, overcoming his own addictions and emotional/behavioural difficulties through the very method that he teaches. This should come as great encouragement to those who are in doubt of their ability to change their lives.

~Lana Cagle, Mississippi. "A Voyage of Self Discovery" Teacher, counsellor/therapist  

Mark is a wonderful teacher, spiritual counsellor/therapist and friend. He helped me to get through a very challenging period in my life.  He trained me in the metaphysics of A Course in Miracles - specifically on the topics of Vision and Atonement. More recently he has guided me through - "A Voyage of Self Discovery" - Teachers Course.

Mark is kind, gentle and knowledgeable. Many times, he held a safe and sacred space for me to heal without judgement. I am eternally grateful to him. It is only when you look at another without judgement that true healing occurs - that is what I experienced with Mark. His own story is truly inspiring. I know I could call Mark at any time and he would be there for me. I trust him and love him dearly. He holds only the best intentions for his students.

Having worked with and come to know Lana over the past few years, I cannot recommend her highly enough as a ‘A Voyage of Self Discovery’ teacher/councillor and therapist. Lana's sweet and caring nature is a valuable asset, enabling her to gently guide her students who wish to connect with their true selves. I truly believe that students and clients alike could not be in more capable hands. Mark Raymond. ☯️x

~Lindsey McClellan, Chicago, IL

I met Mark in March of 2018 under extenuating circumstances. We were both under the tutelage of the same mentor. I was very familiar with both the principles and the ACIM references that are inherent in this work. My problem was that it was only an “intellectual knowledge”; I wasn’t practicing it in real-life scenarios. Concepts will always remain just that if not practiced. This is an area where Mark excels. He walks the walk! He is as well-versed with the more advanced theories of metaphysics as he is with the basics. This makes him a valuable resource. Like a chameleon, he can adapt his teachings to whatever the situation calls for. This is due to his daily, if not hourly, use of these principles. He lives & breathes this information. He knows it works because it saved him from his own destructive attachments. 

What Mark has in intellectual & practical knowledge is paralleled with a modest, nurturing, sweet and genuine personality. He goes the extra mile for his students; I’ve seen him be this way with me and with others. One thing I especially admire about Mark is that he keeps his promises to you. He is trustworthy and dependable… such a person is hard to find! I’ve laughed, cried and thrown temper tantrums in front of Mark. Nothing is too personal to discuss with him. This is someone who you can relax and be yourself because his soul is gentle. I am a better person by having him in my life; a true friend and I’m extremely grateful for all that he has done for me.

~ Denni, UK

I came to Mark with my partner Sean, having a lot of emotional baggage. I was sad. Really, really sad. And Mark was able to recognise what work I needed to do in order to get rid of my emotional baggage. He was amazing, and was so supportive, especially when I went into my big attachment. Once I had gone into it, I immediately felt amazing! It was like that big heavy sad part of me had been lifted. It has gone for good. I cannot thank Mark and his wife enough for everything they have done to support both myself and my partner.

Below is the text I received from Denni, after she had healed the emotional attachment that had affected her for over twenty years.”

“I’ve done it. Honestly, first part was shitty obviously and my mind starting wandering. But I pulled myself back into focus. It was strange because I thought it would take me ages to get back to them feelings again, I thought after last time I had buried them so deep down inside, but they came back within a minute. But I got to step two Mark and don’t laugh but that light inside of me exploded. Like my whole body went weird and i felt like it just overtook my entire body. It’s gone. Like I feel like a part of me has gone. That horrible dark heavy part of me isn’t there anymore. Denni x

~Mike West, Canada. 

I felt an instant connection with Mark as both a friend and a soulmate on our journeys to “wake up”. His Presence is more than a teacher/student relationship to me. Mark has walked the walk, so his honesty and compassion is in the forefront of everything he does. If you have the courage and desire to connect to your higher source, Mark is the person who will remain by your side through thick and thin. I Love you Mark!

~Matthew Rice, Chicago, IL High school teacher and coach

Mark has been a friend and mentor to me since 2018. He is trustworthy, authentic, impartial and straightforward. He is someone who I know is always here for me even though we have never met in person. He lives in the UK, whereas I live just outside of Chicago. One thing I greatly appreciate about Mark is that he is true to his word while honouring his commitments. The guidance that I have received from him has always been practical and effective. Results are important to me; through working with Mark my life has increased in joy and peace.

Priya Anand, Canada.

Mark is very good at helping his students connect to their Higher Self. Mark helped me identify my unhealthy attachments and see where I was getting stuck. Our coaching sessions were informative and had a positive impact on me. I was going through some challenging times in my life and Mark helped me see what steps I needed to take to move forward and feel empowered. He was a good listener and very attentive during our calls. Mark also helped me find the resources that I needed. He is knowledgeable about the metaphysics of A Course in Miracles and how to practically apply the course to heal, find inner peace and change and improve your life. Mark’s passion and clarity around spiritual teaching was contagious. I am so grateful for the teachings Mark shared with me and the beneficial guidance he offered me on my journey.

~Paul (Mark’s N/A sponsor), England

Nearly seven years ago, I met Mark at his house in response to a desperate phone call placed by his wife. There, I witnessed a man who had hit rock bottom: he was physically, emotionally and spiritually broken. Within a few short months, there was a dramatic change in Mark Raymond as he surrendered to the teachings of N/A’s (Narcotics Anonymous) twelve step program. He became more and more empowered. Although he struggled with the meetings, his Higher Power kept him coming back! I believe that the twelve step program was the solid foundation that Mark needed for the path that he is currently traveling. He then branched out to include other aspects of spirituality and mind-provoking meditations, that dovetail with the basics that N/A prescribes. He is passionate about the new program that he has to offer.

Mark is kind, considerate, honest and generous in Spirit. I love him as a friend and a brother and I wish him all the best on his journey. I will always be there for him and his family.

~Jimmy Williams, England.

Seven years ago, I met Mark at N/A and we became the best of friends. I’m 67 years old and have struggled with addiction since I was 13. By the time I was 16, I was injecting speed, 3 years later heroin and after that cocaine. Mark stopped going to N/A, but we would still see one another. I noticed such a dramatic change in Mark and was interested to know how he managed such a monumental change? He told me about the new spiritual path that he was on and explained that everyone has emotional attachments - especially addicts. He identified my past emotional attachment but I remember telling him that it couldn’t possibly heal me because it was too simple. To my amazement, the teachings broke my cycle of addiction and my life has been transformed ever since. I have been “clean” now for three years. If I can do it, anyone can! Today I can enjoy the little things in life and I’m grateful to be with my family. It is in giving that we receive; now I have a chance to give a little back. I’ve come to realise that if you don’t let the past go, it’ll continue to affect your future. Now I try to look at the positive side of life. With Mark’s help, I’ve changed my thoughts and it’s literally changed my world!

I love Mark as family. He’s a “straight-talker” who I would highly recommend to anyone who needs help connecting with their Higher Power. He calls me the ‘Miracle Man’. All I know is it’s a miracle that I’m here today.

~Jamie Williams (Jimmy’s son), England

I met Mark in 2014.  My father talked about a man who he befriended at NA. At that time, I was a 43 year old man whose life was in utter turmoil, in part due to the long-standing addictions of both of my parents. I was also overwhelmed with the autism and health problems of my own children. He wanted me to meet "Mark from Dover" but I wanted nothing to do with my dad or his NA friends who claimed to be recovering. Quite frankly, I was drowning in broken promises. I noticed that this time, there was hope and excitement in my dad's eyes, so reluctantly, I agreed. Mark and I met at a golf course and we had an instant connection with one another; we talked about absolutely everything! For the first time in what seemed like forever, I felt like there was hope for my dad - and me too. Even though I was already an adult, I really needed a parent! 

Mark's programme couldn't have come at a more dire time in my own life. Gradually I saw my dad's mentality change and goals were made to quit both illicit drugs and all medications! At that point, NA had not worked at all. With persistence and dedication, my dad was eventually drug free!

There are no words to describe what this miracle has meant to me, to my family and to my dad. Instead, I will quote him as saying, " I never thought that being drug- free, spending quality time with my family and living a life without fear was possible. It surpasses any high that I've had before!"

Without Mark and this programme, none of this would have been possible. I am forever in his debt. With gratitude and a heart full of love, thank you, Mark ... you are my friend for life.

~Sophie Milankovic, Canada.

I studied A Course of Miracles for many years, so I had an intellectual understanding of its metaphysics. I was, however, frustrated that I had no tangible way of putting the teachings to practical use. My feelings were spinning in circles and it was affecting my relationships. I could not seem to get to the root of the problem or find a suitable solution.

I don’t believe in coincidences, so I wasn’t surprised to find myself on this new path. Mark teaches from a practical platform that shows you how to understand your own mindset and that of others. It offers plain and simple steps to help assess and approach different aspects of your life. Mark's gentle but firm words guided me through the process and his insight, patience and kindness have been instrumental to help me stay on track. The positive changes I have seen in myself are many: I have had deep revelations about what motivates me in various situations, more peace and harmony as well as compassion towards myself and others. I now have an ability to observe and learn from my reactions. There has been emotional healing and maturity in me. I enjoy being able to observe, examine and release judgements that I have about myself, others and the world. This experience is beyond anything that I could have imagined. I am deeply grateful to Mark for all of his experience, knowledge, guidance and healing that he has brought to my life.

~Anthony Russell, England.

I have known Mark for 20 years. I've had my share of highs and lows with alcohol and other stuff over the years. Lately, it has been very tough on me and Mark helped me see things more clearly. He is a fantastic role model. The empowerment tools he has given me have really helped. Truly a great feeling after every conversation with Mark!

~John Hammond, England

I have known Mark for over 30 years - long before his spiritual transformation. Mark secluded himself to address his addiction issues. After he reemerged, I couldn't believe the change! Mark and I then began to work with my past attachments. I was at a bad place in my life; I was surprised to discover that the drugs that I was taking were not the cause of my problems. They were, in fact, the effect. The suppression of my childhood traumas were the real cause. Mark helped me let go of these attachments and I have not touched drugs for 20 months. This work helped me deal with life’s highs and lows and improved my relationships, especially with my wife. What Mark offers takes time, guts and determination. You know when you’re at the tipping point - it’s time to address your past pains. I learned that you have to love yourself before you can love anyone else.

Mark has been a friend to me through thick and thin. He stood by my side for 2 years; he’s a great listener and he gently reminded me that I could make a better choice. The man is honest, genuine, loyal and smart. He’s the perfect person to have in your corner when "you’re in it". Now I am happy and love my life; I have Mark to thank for getting me there.

~Hafsteinn Gunnar Hafsteinsson, Iceland.

I am most thankful for Mark’s excellent advice on how to translate the metaphysics of A Course In Miracles and relate it back to my troubling life situation. His understanding and guidance were of great practical value to me and I hope I can one day somehow meet him and thank him in person.

Peace and joy to you!

~Glendra Duffy, U.K.

Mark’s guidance has helped me to overcome the negative thoughts that produced fear and angry projections towards others. He taught me to analyse my thoughts, realising that they triggered a negative memory that I had subconsciously buried. I became the observer of my mind. The forgiveness that A Course in Miracles teaches has helped tremendously and I have taken full responsibility, without blame, for all of my experiences. It has truly been worth all the effort! I feel at peace and can live from the Love that created me.

~Leonor Garcia-Granados, Guatemala. 

I am so pleased that you are continuing your role as a Teacher of God, Mark. I know that your knowledge and generosity will help guide your new students and they will be as thankful as I am for everything that you did for me. I do believe that ACIM is a way out of our suffering and having a teacher who understands the metaphysics of the Course makes a huge difference. It was important to me to always have you there during a very difficult time in my life - to answer my questions and give me guidance. 

I appreciate our classes together and how much they helped me.

~Sean Armstrong, England.

I knew Mark during the partying days. We would drink and do drugs together all day long in the pubs around town. After Mark quit everything, I didn’t believe any part of what he was trying to tell me about how he accomplished this huge feat. He started to counsel me. At the beginning, I thought that I was rather satisfied being an addict but deep down I knew that I wanted better for myself. All of my life, I have never known how to handle all of my extra energy; I never had a daily structure. After doing this work, I can sit in a room and be calm - I’m happy with myself now and I have Mark to thank for that.

~Christian Chuckwu, Nigeria. 

Even though we have never meet in person, I believe that Grace led me to Mark Raymond, whose unconditional love helped me get past an unbearable point in my life. 

I began to work with Mark, applying the information on a daily basis. He always emphasised, “APPLICATION! APPLICATION! APPLICATION!” His desire for me to heal had a parallel affect on me: I increased my willingness to be honest with myself at all times. Incredibly, my life began to shift and I started to feel more alive and productive.

It wasn’t a straight path upwards. I had times when my pain increased and the voice in my mind produced a cycle of negative emotion. Mark assured me that this actually meant that I was making progress! With his encouragement, I had the courage to continue exploring my inner self.

After Mark taught me how to decipher metaphysics, I was able to see what others see but think differently about it.   

Perhaps my most difficult obstacle was overcoming my social anxiety and its dysfunctional consequences. This was a major ploy of the ego’s and Mark guaranteed me that no matter how deep the problem is, the “ten solutions” can address every question that appears. I began to take ownership of my negative emotions; eventually I became comfortable taking complete responsibility for my life.

When the concept of Oneness is understood at an experiential level, you understand that you are both the problem and the answer! As strange as it sounds, I thank God for the hardships in my life that led me to Mark and then later to my true self. 


~Danielle Beaney, U.K.

I met Mark during a rough time in my life. We spent a whole year on a one-to-one basis together. He helped me gain understanding and acceptance of my circumstances through meditation and conversation.

Mark makes you feel completely at ease through his bubbly personality and his soothing way with words!

~Kieran L. U.K.

I’ve known Mark for four years. During the past few months, he has helped me to release two major attachments from my past that affected every aspect of my life. The prior suppression of my emotions was driving me to drink and take drugs. My life is drastically different now; I’m feeling stronger each and every day, but there is still more work to do. With the practical training, I can steer clear of the defence & coping mechanisms that my ego was accustomed to using.

Mark is level-headed, sincere and considerate. He is a “straight talker” and can be firm when needed. He offers a simple approach, but don’t mistake it for being easy. If you put in the effort and do it honestly, it will improve your life.

I’ve started feeling more and more peaceful with my life now; it’s wonderful.

I am grateful to Mark and these teachings.

~Tracy Raymond (Mark’s wife), UK

I met Mark when I was 17 and the single mother of a 10-month-old baby girl. Two years later, we were married. He had a reputation of being 'Jack the Lad', but I always knew that underneath all the bravado, he was a kind and gentle soul. As often is the case, his drinking and drug use increased over time. In 2014, for the sake of my own sanity, I had to make the hardest decision of my life: sell our house and leave Mark. Through my work, I knew a professional practitioner whose expertise was in helping addicts. One day out of shear desperation, I called her for advice but she wasnt in the office, so instead, I spoke to a man named Paul. At the time, I didnt realise that he was also a recovering addict who followed the 12-step N/A programme. Paul left the phone and drove straight to Mark. He basically saved his life! Mark spent the next sixteen months learning about addictions and coming to terms with that label for himself. Although he improved, he still struggled with the inner demons that plagued him from a young age. Mark used drugs and alcohol to self-medicate for the majority of his life, but now he had nothing to help him deal with these painful emotions. I was devastated when he made the decision to stop attending N/A; it was heart breaking to watch him battle himself. By the grace of God, a family member gave Mark a book called A Course in Miracles and advised him to look for a teacher to help him navigate through the material. The book resonated with him and he found his teacher who guided him to his true self.

Through study, determination and inner strength, Mark became more like who he truly isthe wonderful, loving person that I always knew was under the layers of hurt and sadness. It has been a wonderful experience to finally meet the man of my dreams! My family and I are blessed with these teachings that invite us to live in peace, love and happiness.

~ Carina Wilson (Mark’s daughter), U.K.

My dad underwent an incredible transformation from a deeply unhappy addict to a caring, peaceful and “present” father to myself, my husband, our daughter, my younger siblings and to my mother. It wasn’t until he began working with my husband, however, that I realised that I wanted to experience this peace and joy for myself. My dad dedicated himself to helping us through the work as a family, accompanied by weekly lessons, homework and meditations.

Changing the way you think isn’t easy; it takes time to understand these corrections, but having a teacher as committed as my dad is, it’s hard to fail. I have him to thank for this spiritual guidance and the peace of mind that comes with it. I can apply the principles to all of the aspects of my life, including relatives who are closest to me.

I have experienced a true transformation. I cannot recommend my father enough as a teacher and guide for this work.

~ Chris Wilson (Son-in-law) UK

Throughout my life I have been plagued with fear and worry. It was getting to the point where my emotions were making me physically ill. My mind would search for the worst possible outcomes which caused the fear inside me to escalate.

When I met Mark, things changed dramatically. I remember sitting in his garden on a sunny afternoon and he was talking to me about the spiritual work that he was doing. It was a “lightbulb moment”; it all made sense. I immediately knew that this was the spiritual path that I wanted to take.

Over the next several years, Mark guided me through the teachings. They not only improved my life, but that of my family’s as well. Mark gave us weekly lessons and encouraged us to apply the concepts to our daily occurrences. When needed, he was always there for support.

Personally, Mark helped me address my own attachments that were causing me pain. I now recognise that past events contributed to my negative emotions; letting them go was such a relief!

Mark is an inspiration to me. His journey and transformation have been incredible. He stands as a solid example for others to witness. I am eternally grateful for everything he has done for me and my family. He taught me a new mindset and he has given me the

tools to better cope with periodic struggles. Slowly, I am letting my false image go and I can feel my true self awakening.

Mark saved my life and I will never forget it.

~ Barry Carter. England

I have known Mark for a good number of years and am happy and honoured to write about him here.

Mark has behind him a rich tapestry of life events and experiences that have formed him into the man he is today, he is a giant of a man physically and he has a heart to match, he is an empath, a man of tremendous depth of awareness, knowing and integrity, I am proud to call him a friend. We have had and I hope will continue to have many deep searching conversations which we both benefit from, he offers much to ponder upon. He is an enlightening and empowering individual and those qualities not only serve him but those that seek his counsel and I have no hesitation in recommending him to any seeker as a man who will speak the right words for the right reasons.

~ Ian. Spain 🇪🇸

I’ve been friends with Mark since we were children. I’ve lived in Spain for the past 10 years, having moved there after a painful divorce. We hadn’t seen each other for over 7 years. I was in England and thought I’d catch up with him. At that time in my life I was at an all-time low and on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I can honestly say that he saved my life and quite a few other peoples! I couldn’t believe the change in my friend from 7 years previous. When I was 8 years old in the space of 5 years, we as a family immigrated twice to Australia. This led to the emotional attachments of abandonment and loss that would affect me for most of my life and cause my addictions. With Marks guidance I let those attachments go in a short space of time. I haven’t touched a drink or drug and have even given up smoking recently. Since Mark helped me change my mindset with the 10 solutions. I’m peaceful, happy and contented now.

Thank you my friend 🙏

~ Debbie ❤ UK

I have always felt there was more to this life than what I knew. Since Mark has entered my life, he has opened my eyes and helped me to see the bigger picture. Everything Mark has shown me makes so much sense. He has helped me to understand that I have the power to change my life for the better; through using the tools that he has taught me, I can now see that I can be a more peaceful and loving person. He has helped me to understand that happiness comes from within. I am applying the tools and understanding as I bring up my son and through doing this, I feel that I am helping him also. Mark is always there if I need him and explains everything so well; guiding me through my own journey, in my own unique way. I thank him for his guidance and for showing me how to be my true self, I will forever be grateful 💗

~ Jay UK

I was given Marks details by a good friend of his. I have lived in the same town for nearly 40yrs. When I was given Marks details I was very dubious, as I only knew the old Mark, with a reputation. Not the man I now know today. I visited Mark for the first time and was very anxious, we sat and had a conversation and in no time whatsoever I felt at ease with a very kind loving peaceful man. Mark has been helping me with my many problems, most of which stem from childhood traumas, which have for want of a better word destroyed my adult years causing, anxiety, depression but a few, feeling separate from everything and a very lonely person. I have recently been diagnosed with ASD and ADHD which made sense. After less than 8 weeks mark has already started to have such a positive impact on me and my families lives. His knowledge is phenomenal and he teaches in such an easy and understanding way. If I never met Mark I can honestly say I don't think I would be here anymore as life become an option I was slowly not choosing. Mark has and still is there by my side daily, giving me the amazing tools and knowledge. Knowing Marks past I knew this would benefit me because I can see who he has become today. This should be taught in schools and I feel if we knew this amazing course the world would be such a nicer place. Mark has now become a good friend, my only friend. I can't thank him enough, you have saved my life and I can't thank you enough, God bless you x